Micro-finance loans and changed lives

Micro-finance loans and changed lives

Kondwani was a poor farmer, not able to feed his family from his meager crop of corn. A micro-finance loan, plus financial and vocational training changed all that.

Through Y-Malawi partners, Kondwani learned how to farm utilizing new methods, the small loan he received allowed him to fertilize his crops. Then Y-Malawi partners provided finance training and education on how to save and invest for the future.

The result? Kondwani was able to harvest twice as many crops. He paid off his loan and has now started a tomato business. His business is profitable and with new loans he has big dreams. He is expanding and growing new crops.

All this has given Kondwani opportunities, but most importantly hope. He has been able to build a new home made of bricks, his children are in school, and his family has a future.

Through Y-Malawi, God is not only opening hearts, He is changing lives.




Transforming People, Communities and the Future

Y-Malawi is about bringing two distant cultures together in a way that benefits both, in a way that positively changes the future for both. It happens every day. It happens without regard to economic status, education, occupation, or age. Simply put we need each other. Together we are made better. Together we are stronger. The Bible says it this way, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

During a recent Ministry Trip the children in a village near Nkhotakota, Malawi sent a message in English to children of San Clemente Presbyterian Church in San Clemente, California. In return the children in California sent a message to the children of Malawi in Chichewa, the language in Malawi.  The message was simple, Jesus Loves You. Take a minute to view the video.

In the often crazy world we live in, there are times when we can learn much from our children.

WACC Ministry Trip

WACC Ministry Trip


Ministry Trips are a key component in fulfilling the objectives of Y-Malawi. They allow those of us in the United States the opportunity to engage with our Partners in Malawi. We get to experience the perspectives of other believers in a very different environment. We get to minister to them while they in return minister to us. It is a life changing experience for both parties.

Participants from Whittier Area Community Church got to live their faith and experience this first hand as they embarked on a trip during June. They worked with, encouraged, learned from, listened to, and stood beside our partners Fishers ,Trainers and Senders, The Evangelical Association of Malawi’s Chief’s Ministry, and the Nkhoma Synod Youth Department. In addition they visited sponsored children, toured and supported Nkhoma Hospital and were exposed to our micro-finance program with Opportunity Bank.

It’s not all work though, they took time to do a little shopping and went on a photo safari!

You can view a quick 2 minute video to get a feel for what goes on during these trips by clicking the link below.

WACC Video from Y-Malawi? on Vimeo.

There will be a number of trips taking place during 2017 if you want to be involved start planning now. Visit our site for contact information and details.

African Heartbeat

African Heartbeat

Y-Malawi is about transformation for people of all ages. Barb Christing has written a wonderful children’s book designed to help children understand that at our heart we are all the same. The book is called African Heartbeat. Working from the theme “The bigger your heart gets, the smaller the world gets” Barb takes the reader on a journey of understanding as to how the child sponsorship process benefits both parties.


If you have a sponsored child you need to read this book with your children. If you don’t sponsor a child that’s okay, reading this book with your children will help them understand how children in other parts of the world live. It will help them know that while we are all different, we are really all the same.

African Heartbeat can be purchased through Amazon at http://www.lfpministries.org/books.html or we will send you a free copy for a donation of any size to Y-Malawi. Just click the “giving opportunities” button at the top of this page.

In Africa

At it’s heart Y-Malawi is about transformation. Yes, transformation in Malawi but first transformation of the church in America. The transformation we seek is demonstrated by a renewed mind. A mind filled with greater awareness of our purpose in this life. For those that have experienced it, Malawi can be the workshop where this transformation takes place.

Following a trip to Malawi our friend Don Weida was traveling home and God shared with him a song. It will take just 3 minutes of your life to experience how he was transformed. Click the link below to view the video.

Want your life to be transformed too? Don’t stop here, get involved. Visit www.Y-Malawi.org to find out more.

Time to get Goating!

Time to get Goating!

Are you wondering if your support of Y-Malawi is making a difference? Read on.

Y-Malawi has been fighting hunger in Malawi for years, but it’s important to note that fighting hunger is only a battle. Creating sustainable development so that people don’t have to be hungry is the real war. One of the ways our partner Fishers, Trainers & Senders is winning the war is through what is called a goat sharing program.

Goats are unique creatures. They eat almost anything and therefore can survive in very dry and difficult environments. They reproduce rapidly. They can provide milk and many other byproducts. With this in mind through the goat sharing program FTS’s provides a needy family with a goat, but there is a catch. As the goat reproduces they must pass on the first goat born to another needy family.

Below are two testimonies from real people who have benefited from this program. These are lives and futures that have been changed.


“We would like to testify that the goats manure will enhance farming productivity and we will soon be clothing and making provisions for our children’s sustainability in good health and proper education.”

Alineti Moses and Esther Henry


“I already passed on the goat to my partner & today I testify that the goats you see here are all your special gift and blessings for my family.”

Greshan Nyozani

Your gifts, prayers and encouragement make a difference!

Thank you!