Can't change the world this Christmas? Then change one life.

This Christmas why not give a gift will literally change lives?

When you give one of the gifts below it will go to someone who is in desperate need. Your gift can make a difference on a cold night, replace tattered clothing, provide a lasting income source or even share the word of God.

It’s simple. Just click on one of the gifts below to get started. If you have questions, us the box at the bottom of the page.

If you already sponsor a woman or girl, and want to designate the gift to her, just make that note on your donation.

Is this is a gift to be given in the name of someone on your Christmas list? Make that note on your donation and we will contact you via email for further information so we can send a Christmas Card on your behalf sharing your life changing gift.

Evangelical Association of Malawi’s Chief’s Ministry

Bibles in Chichewa, $8

This picture is of a Chief’s Bible Study group, note that no one has a Bible. A Bible in Chichewa is a treasure that you can provide for just $8 each. An entire family, or entire community will use your gift as you change lives by providing the word of God to a people hungry for it.

Malawian made clothing, $10

Our prayer and dream, is that one day when a picture is taken in the village, people won’t be wearing shirts that say “I love NYC.” They will be wearing Malawian clothing made by local craftsman. You can help make that a reality. Your gift may be a dress, or trousers, or shirt or blouse. It’s guaranteed to go to someone who has never worn a new piece of clothing.

Malawian made blanket, $20

The nights can be cold in Malawi, especially when you sleep on a dirt floor. A locally made blanket can give comfort to the person who owns it and you can make that happen. It’s a gift that will warm the body, heart and soul.

Live goat, $35

Just having a goat can change a families future. Goats eat almost anything and they reproduce easily. They become a source of income and can help a family survive the difficult hunger season. Just $35 can make life different for an entire family.

Foot powered sewing machine, $100

If you want to change a life, impact a family, and benefit a community, a sewing machine can do that. It will come with the vocational training necessary to learn how to sew blankets, dresses, trousers, shirts, and school uniforms. You will not only be providing a sewing machine, but a life changing career.

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