Open Your Heart to Change Campaign

God is still doing amazing things. Sustainable change is being realized. It’s happening through local African organizations focused on key areas:

  • Reducing deaths due to HIV/Aids, Malaria and childbirth
  • Keeping girls in school, ending child marriage
  • Access to fresh food and water
  • Improving literacy and education
  • Vocational training and micro-finance loans
  • Resources for the village church
  • Sharing the gospel message of Jesus

God is still out there. He is still at work. You can be a part of it!

Our unique structure means that even $10 per month can have a big impact for 25 people. Our goal is 1,000 giving $10 per month so that we can change the lives and future for 25,000! 

Questions & Answers

Why this campaign now? So glad you asked! The success of this new model has been amazing. Now we want to replicate this innovative concept in a new area. An area of even greater need. The intent is to further prove the model can change lives in a sustainable way. Our dream is that one day we will be able to replicate these results in places of need all over Africa. This is just the beginning.

What is the goal?  We can do this! It just takes a little from a lot of folks to make a real difference. Our goal is to find 1,000 people willing to give at least $10 per month. In our model that would mean impacting another 25,000 lives now and forever.

How much of my gift will go to the work in Africa?  We keep our administrative costs low. Like you, we want as much money flowing to the cause as possible. Our goal for administrative expenses is less than 15% of revenues. Our board reviews expenses monthly to insure every penny possible is going to support our mission. Our annual report with details is available each year on our website.

How can I know what my gift is accomplishing in Malawi?  Great question! Unless you opt out we will add you to our monthly email list. Each month we will send you a 1 page email sharing progress, success stories, and updating you on new developments. If you don’t want to receive these updates you can unsubscribe at any time. You can also see regular updates on our blog.

What will my gift be used for?  Love this question! To impact lives and create change in this new area, our partners need new field officers, transportation, training materials, Bibles and other books. New schools are being built, fresh water wells dug, tools and materials for vocational training provided. Eventually as more funds become available, new healthcare partnerships and micro-finance loans will be integrated also.

What am I committing to?  Like your home, it is difficult to plan without a regular income, so recurring gifts are very important to our work. Y-Malawi does not set parameters on your generosity or length of commitment. We hope that you will continue to give as long as you believe your gift is making a difference. You can stop your gift at any time by visiting our donation site and changing your preferences. If you prefer a one-time gift we welcome whatever you feel called to do.