The primary staple in the rural areas of Malawi is maize, or what Americans call corn. It’s grown in every village. The people mill it, then use it for a favorite dish they call Nsima. To get their maize milled most people take it to a grain mill. These are generally located along main roads and in more populated areas. They can sometimes be a good distance to travel.

With funds provided by Y-Malawi the Evangelical Association of Malawi’s Chief’s Ministry built a small grain mill in a local village. The mill provides a resource for folks to get their maize milled without having to travel far. On Wednesdays no milling is done, instead there is a Bible study held at the mill. People come from all around to hear the word of God and worship. For many this Bible study has been life changing. It just another way Y-Malawi is striving to share the love of Jesus while providing sustainable development. Watch the video, we dare you not to smile.